About this App

HotBodyPal has been created with the desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Helping you achieve the fitness goals that you desire as well as giving back to those less fortunate by achieving goals as a community.

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About HotBodyPal

The simpliest fitness app with no equipment needed. We help to achieve that hot body through effective workout plans

01. Workout, save lives

Every month, each user is eligible to a maximum amount from HotBodyPal that they can donate to charity. If you reached all your weekly workout target for that month, 100% of your eligible amount would be put towards the money raised from charity.

If you were only able to complete part of your target, say 60%, then 60% of the eligible amount would be put towards the donation. Therefore the more you reach your workout target, the more money you can raise for charity every month.

02. Where do I set my workout plan?

In HotBodyPal, we focus on creating a new lifestyle rather than a fixed plan by recommending a set of workouts that you can do every week to help meet and maintain your fitness goals.You can always update this weekly workouts as your fitness level improve.

03. Where is my weekly target?

When you create your fitness goals, you would be able to select the number of times you want to train weekly. This is your weekly target.